Welcome To builderscon

Join builderscon and discover something new! builderscon is a festival (お祭り)for anybody who loves tech.

builderscon is a tech-agnostic, polyglot conference. The only thing we ask of you is that you come and discuss about things that gets engineers -- the builders of modern age -- excited.

Show us your crazy hacks; Get down to the nitty-gritty details about your favorite language; Tell us the problems that you encountered, and how you solved them; Teach us about future technologies

Please join us and share your passion about tech: We would love to hear your stories!

Past Conferences

builderscon tokyo 2019

[ Aug 29, 2019 (Thu), Aug 30, 2019 (Fri), Aug 31, 2019 (Sat)]

builderscon tokyo 2018

[ Sep 6, 2018 (Thu), Sep 7, 2018 (Fri), Sep 8, 2018 (Sat)]

builderscon tokyo 2017

[ Aug 3, 2017 (Thu), Aug 4, 2017 (Fri), Aug 5, 2017 (Sat)]

builderscon tokyo 2016

[ Dec 3, 2016 (Sat)]

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Github: Explore our many opensource projects on Github, including our "spec", our API server, and this site. We'd love for your to send us pull requests!

Facebook: Peruse our Facebook page to find various events that we host for people interested in builderscon like our now famous BBQ [1][2]

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