Simulating old computers using Arduino microcontrollers. accepted


This talk is about two computer simulators that I built. The first is an emulator for a PDP-11/44 minicomputer that runs version 6 UNIX [1]. The second is a two chip computer using an 6502 microprocessor and an Arduino clone that I built myself that is capable of simulating an Apple I [2].

The projects are documented on my website;


The talk will cover the design of the computers I simulated, what I learnt about how they operated and how I used that to simulate them.
To complete both these projects I also needed to design and build hardware add ons for the Arduino systems I based my project on. This talk will also cover the design process that I, as an amateur, followed to successfully build this hardware.

Session Information
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Material Level Beginner
Starts On 12/3/16, 2:20 PM
Room Lounge
Session Duration 30 min
Spoken Language English
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Slide Language English
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