Oxygen Not Included: Making a Game That Inspires Science accepted


In this talk I will explain how the team behind the hit PC game Oxygen Not Included was inspired by science, and how we harnessed this inspiration to teach our players about science and engineering too! I'll walk through some of the real-world systems that we model in our game, discussing the design goals, trade-offs, and implementation challenges we encountered along the way. A deep-dive into our implementation of Thermodynamics will provide an example of our design process, describe the kind of gameplay scenarios we've created around heat, and examine the limitations of our Cellular Automata-based simulation. I'll describe how we provide our players with meaningful gameplay experiences that can impact their lives outside of the game.

You'll learn how we developed a fun game under the constraints of science—sometimes by doing our own science right in the game engine—and how it inspires our players to do science too!

Session Information
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Starts On 8/31/19, 3:20 PM
Room Niwa Hall
Session Duration 50 min session
Spoken Language English
Interpretation Available
Slide Language English