builderscon tokyo 2017

Aug 3, 4, 5 2017

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What is builderscon?

builderscon is a conference to celebrate the "builders" of our age, the engineers, the programmers, and the technology that they build. builderscon is slightly more focused on web-related technology because we originated from a web-centric conference, but we bring speakers from various different fields which are not constrained from our past. We would love for you to "Discover Something New" and broaden your network and knowledge.

builderscon tokyo 2017

builderscon tokyo 2017 is co-hosted by the Keio Media Design Department and the builderscon organizer team.

Currently planned guest speakers include those from the fields of Web enginnering, Network Security, and IoT Devices Manufaturing. Even if these are not exactly your field of expertise, we strongly recommend that you find out what you do or do not have in common with what you have not seen yet.

Tickets will go on sale around June. We only have a limited amount of seats, so do not forget to get yours!



Aug 3, 2017 (Thu)

Aug 4, 2017 (Fri)

Aug 5, 2017 (Sat)

Venue Name 4-1-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 223-0061
Venue URL


Guest Speakers

Felix Rieseberg
Felix Rieseberg

Felix Rieseberg is a Senior Desktop Engineer at Slack, Core Contributor on Ghost, and Electron contributor. He has previously worked on open source at Microsoft. Eater of too much candy.

Carly Robinson
Carly Robinson

Carly has been writing PHP at Slack as an application engineer for Slack's new Enterprise Grid product for almost 2 years. As one of the first engineers on the enterprise team, Carly was influential in the design discussions and decisions that have helped scale Slack for enterprise sized companies. In her builderscon talk, she will share reflections on the strengths and weaknesses of using PHP in a hyper growth environment, and how Slack is optimizing it's PHP codebase for performance with Hack/HHVM.

Jesse Vincent
Jesse Vincent

Jesse is the cofounder of Keyboardio. In previous lives, he created K-9 Mail for Android, created Request Tracker and worked as the Perl 5 Pumpking and Perl 6 Project Manager.

Suzanne Aldrich
Suzanne Aldrich

Suzanne is lead solutions engineer at Cloudflare, where she specializes in security, performance, and usability. Her interest in all things web started in high school when she created the school’s website. While at Stanford, Suzanne optimized the performance of a matchbox sized server to run the Wearable Computing Lab’s website. Prior to Cloudflare, Suzanne was a Senior Customer Success Engineer for Pantheon Platform.



  • Cybozu, Inc.
  • Mercari, Inc.
  • HDE Inc.
  • Akatsuki Inc.
  • Keio University Graduate School of Media Design
  • Build It Inc.
  • Kii, Inc.
  • KAYAC Inc.
  • CureApp, Inc.
  • Gunosy Inc.
  • mixi recruitment, Inc.
  • Hamee Corp.
  • DWANGO Co., Ltd.
  • Elastic
  • Hatena Co., Ltd.
  • Livesense Inc.
  • GMO Pepabo Inc.
  • Supership Inc.
  • Momentum K.K.
  • ClubT Inc.
  • Dazzle Inc.
  • Epoch Ltd.
  • GREE, Inc.
  • mixi, Inc.
  • Mobile Factory, Inc.
  • Wano Co.,Ltd.
  • Nikkei Inc.
  • circulation



Contact Information

For minor issues that can be shared in public, please send a message to @builderscon on twitter. This is usually the fastest route. For issues that require more than 140 characters or require privacy, please send mail to