Factory Class accepted


I spent the first twenty years of my career as a software developer.

For the past two years, I've been working with a collection of factories in China to build the first 5000 copies of my first physical product, a hackable, ergonomic, mechanical keyboard.

It hasn't gone very smoothly, though I've learned a lot about making physical products, working with a factory and manufacturing in general.

In this talk, I'll share our failures and our successes.I'll also give you a basic outline for how to pick a factory, how to ask them to make something and the kinds of adventures you can expect along the way.

You won't leave the room as a manufacturing expert, but this talk should give you an idea of the sort of adventure that awaits you.

Session Information
Confirmed confirmed
Material Level Beginner
Starts On 8/5/17, 2:10 PM
Room Hiroshi Fujiwara Memorial Hall
Session Duration 60 min
Spoken Language English
Interpretation Available
Slide Language English
Photo Release Allow
Recording Release Allow
Materials Release Allow