The Evolution of PHP at Slack HQ accepted


Most programmers only know one thing about PHP - it is a bad language. It's also a language used to build some of the most extraordinarily successful software companies in history - Facebook, Wikipedia, Wordpress, Etsy, Baidu, Box, and now, Slack.

In this talk, Carly will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of using PHP to build Slack's backend web application infrastructure. Drawing from her experience as one of the first application engineers on Slack's Enterprise team, her talk will explore how PHP fits into Slack's architecture and how the company's use of PHP is evolving to address the unique performance challenges emerging as large companies rapidly adopt Slack Enterprise Grid.

Session Information
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Material Level Beginner
Starts On 8/5/17, 3:20 PM
Room Hiroshi Fujiwara Memorial Hall
Session Duration 60 min
Spoken Language English
Interpretation Unavailable
Slide Language English
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