Envoy externals and ideas accepted



There is a famous quote by Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo Inc, "Idea is something which can resolve multiple problems all at once". And I think Envoy is an "idea" which would resolve many kind of "problems".

I myself used to operate microserivces like syste before, which is not big at all, but still had may pain points. And I couldn't come up with an "idea", doing some temporarily fixes repeatedly and excusing to myself and other team members that operating microservices is something painful.

Somehow, I couldn't give up, read various kinds of books, watched various kinds of conference videos, and I encoutered Lyft's Envoy: From Monolith to Service Mesh. This is a presentation Mr. Matt gave who would come to this builderscon as an invited guest speaker. I was quite shocked and excited at the same time because he also faced the same problems at much larger scale, confront them and resolved them by developing Envoy and actully put it into product environment.

I feel that people tend to think that service mesh related things including Envoy, are for low layer engineers, infrastructure engineer or SRE in recent boom. But I think it would be really useful to know those things for different layer engineers because they include importarnt factors to architect and build a fault tolerant system and how to separate the duties properly within a team. As more engineers understand them, it would lead to building better systems and teams.

In this talk, I'll focous on externals about Envoy and sevice mesh in general so that people who hear about Envoy for the first time in this event can understand what it is. And I hope this talk would be a trigger to think how your system and team should be changed and improved.


  • Problems: Typical bad patterns and pain point in microservices
  • Idea: Envoy
    • service mesh / side car
    • controle plane / data plane
  • Consideration
    • an impact Envoy would bring to a development team / separation of duty
    • microservices, Envoy, Conway's law


Right after I noticed Mr.Matt, creator of Envoy will come thi this event as a guest speaker, I decided to send a CFP whatever it is and has been thinking what to send.

According to current Mr Matt's session abstract, he is going to have a presentation similar to Envoy Internals Deep Dive in kubecon this year. It is really interesting talk. One thing I care is that compared to kubecon, builderscon is an event wider range of engineers would come and it is possible many engineers don't know about Envoy at all. Mr. Matt can change the presentation topic to more intermediate level to match the atendees background. But I feel it is a bit disappointing because this is really a rare chance to liten Mr. Matt's talk and and I want to hear a talk only Mr. Matt can do. So, I sent this CFP.

Unfortunately, service mesh is not our focus in my current company and I can't talk about the actual use-case. Instead, I'll focus on "problems" many people would face when operating microservices and "idea" which Envoy has brought. I hope it is useful to engineers who have or is going to have microservice problems. And if my talk is accepted, my ambition is I'll invite my boss and make him say "why don't we focus on Envoy yet?? Do it quickly!!" :)

Session Information
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Starts On 9/7/18, 4:40 PM
Room Multi-Purpose Room 1
Session Duration Regular Session (60min)
Spoken Language Japanese
Interpretation Unavailable
Slide Language Japanese