Envoy internals deep dive accepted


Envoy (https://www.envoyproxy.io/) is a high performance L4/L7 network proxy with a pluggable filter chain model; this allows Envoy to be used for a variety of different scenarios, including HTTP/2, gRPC, MongoDB, and Redis. Envoy provides advanced load balancing support, including eventually consistent service discovery, circuit breakers, retries, rate limiting, and zone-aware load balancing. Envoy also has best-in-class observability, using statistics, logging, and distributed tracing.

Since becoming OSS in 2016, Envoy has gained substantial traction in both "service mesh" and edge (API gateway) deployments.

In this talk, Matt Klein will give an overview of what Envoy is and why it was created. He will then dive deep into Envoy internals from a systems perspective, covering threading model, stats, hot restart, the xDS APIs, and other core concepts.

Session Information
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Starts On 9/7/18, 10:30 AM
Room Hiroshi Fujiwara Memorial Hall
Session Duration Regular Session (60min)
Spoken Language English
Interpretation Available
Slide Language English