Using Chrome Developer Tools to hack your way into concerts accepted


Chrome Developer Tools is magical. It lets you record network traffic, step through code, modify the DOM, and more! To learn when we would use each of these features, I'll walk you through my adventures trying to trick Taylor Swift’s website into giving me concert tickets. Instead of reading through all of the JS files in her site and scrolling through hundreds of useless network activity logs, I learned how to use XHR breakpoints, filter network activity by type and domain, and recreate requests with CURL. I'll show you all of these tools and a few other tricks, and by the end of this talk, you will know how to reverse engineer any website and manipulate it to do your bidding.

Session Information
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Starts On 9/8/18, 2:20 PM
Room Hiroshi Fujiwara Memorial Hall
Session Duration Regular Session (60min)
Spoken Language English
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Slide Language English