Call For Proposals

builderscon tokyo 2019

Submit Your Proposals!

Anybody who wants to share their passion for tech is welcome at builderscon.

We do not limit the scope of topics that we deal with: The only thing you need to present us is passion for the subject. Just as an example, below are few topics that we might be interested in:

We are all excited to "Discover Something New". Please share your knowledge and passion in our conference.

Submission Instructions

  • Regular sessions are 50 min + 10min Q&A, or 20 min + 10min Q&A, and the deadline for submission is Jun 10.
  • Your session proposals will be publicly visible upon submission. We take into account reactions from
    various social network sites when accepting proposals, so please share your proposals.
  • If your proposal(s) are not accepted, you will have to purchase tickets. Tickets are transferrable, we recommend purchasing them even when you submit a proposal