Behind the scenes of internationalization accepted


The internationalization of the application is not just only translating texts used in it.

In this talk, from the view of both developers and users, we will see the technical knowledge, difficulties, and solutions for the internationalization of the application, based on the experiences of the development of the iOS applications used in a variety of regions in the world.

This talk is for those who want to internationalize their applications or want to understand why the application is not working expectedly with their language such as Japanese.

The goal of this talk

  • Learn about Unicode and how Emoji helps it.

  • Understand complex problems related to the text input like Japanese.

  • Understand the internationalization of user interface and contents.

  • Discuss development team and internationalization.

The non-goal of this talk

  • Learn steps about localization of the applications on each platform, such as iOS, Android, or web.

  • Understand the translation application or tools.

Session Information
Confirmed confirmed
Starts On 8/31/19, 3:20 PM
Room Centennial Hall A
Session Duration 50 min session
Spoken Language Japanese
Interpretation Unavailable
Slide Language Japanese